Hey, I´m Luis Garza.

Thanks for your interest in my work; I do not intend to tell you a boring story or try to convince you that I am the best option for coverage of your wedding; I just want you to meet the person behind the camera. / I do not consider myself an artist, I am a simple human being just like you ... a human being with a great passion "photography"

So here we go ...

I am originally from Mexico City. Designer and photographer for more than 10 years. Since the beginning of my career as a photographer, the camera and I literally clicked; I found in the photograph a way to manifest my ideas, to transmit feelings and emotions ... and of course, I found the way to express my vision of love, to freeze time and transcend in it.

If you can feel that connection between aesthetics, emotions and love in my photographs ...



At your wedding I will not be just a photographer, I will be witness of that great day, I will be your accomplice and friend; I want you to have the most beautiful memory of your lives, that will be my only challenge and purpose.

I feel very fortunate that my passion is my career.
Again, thanks for taking the time to read these lines,
See you at your wedding!